Friday, March 14, 2014

Just a small note here cause it's late and I've done…not so much today. Funny how lack of energy fuels lack of energy. I woke up today fully expecting to go through the usual motions, and head to the studio. The weather went from bad to worse….rain, wind, grey, dark, gloomy.  Actually, the perfect day to go to the studio and lose yourself in work and forget about the outside world. Well,  I started to re-arrange furniture, look up books and authors in my book case and on the web, shower, wash clothes, make food, read, and before I knew it, I had unwittingly puttered the day away. This is how it can be if I don't make the determined decision to get out of my home and walk the short distance to my studio. It's a slippery slope to start fixing this, and cleaning that, and checking the emails/FB/NYTimes, etc. Time stealers, all of them. It's a devil on my shoulder saying that I deserve a day to relax and catch up on all the loose ends that hang around in my head and irritate me. I will not do this next week, cause I rob myself of days that I have been given to live and create, and to get one step closer to fulfilling the reason I was given the ability and privilege of a studio to carry out this work in. As artists, we have a duty to show up on the job daily, and plug away. My high school teacher would have ruled it unexcused absence……..

Sunday, February 23, 2014

LIFE, Painting, patience……
OK, it's been way too long since the last posting, and I don't know if I've been missed, but I have been painting steadily since January. October and Nov. were vacation months….in the US…..a nice long stretch were I got to see friends (in South Carolina), family in Rochester, NY, and just plain vacation (including Thanksgiving!!) in Florida. After that long break, I was ripe for some studio time, but Christmas came and went before I managed to get over there. I don't at all mean to make excuses, so let it be said that while I was waiting to get my hands messy with color, I was planning my next color scheme, thinking about strategies, size of canvases, etc.  You see, even though I'm not actually painting, I AM doing it in my head. And I walk around with a nearly constant bad conscience when I find that I have to use time on other projects/duties/appointments, etc. But when I walk through the door to my studio and smell the smells, see the works on the walls/lying on the floor, or my desk covered with opened books, or my journal-open and ready to be written in, I just feel HOME. Even when the sun is shining outside, and I know I should be out soaking up some vitamin D (this is Norway in the winter, after all!!) I just have to use that extra energy from the sun on creative per suits.
A small side trip to Copenhagen and the Louisiana Museum in Humlebaek were keeping my brain focused on the myriad  of possibilities available to creative types. Jackson Pollack and Asger Joern were exhibited side by side, so as to see the very similar roads traveled by the two, even though they never met, and never saw each other's work. Even though their works sprung from two very different cultures and social engagement, their techniques sometimes looked nearly identical. How fascinating to have this made evident by the excellent curators at the Louisiana……
While in Copenhagen, I also used the opportunity to buy excellent quality paint, which costs quite a lot more in Norway. Also bought clothes and ate excellent (and, at one dinner, not so excellent) food. Copenhagen is a wonderful little/big city, that once you get to know it, you appreciate and take advantage of the BIG TOWN offerings.
Tomorrow it's Monday… day…..back to the studio day…..

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Inspiration by the Buckets.....
I know this is long overdue, and I must make a note to self to think of this more often. I have been out accumulating masses of inspiration and hopefully it will be fun at the studio the next week or so, before I take an extended break for the next couple of months. The US trip is coming up soon, then by the time we're back, it'll be Christmas preparations, Christmas itself/New Year's....etc.
But, the past weeks I have been up in the mountains in the middle of Norway at Geilo. The fall hiking is absolutely amazing, and I have taken full advantage of the trails.  The photos will be reviewed to try to recapture some of the feeling/smells/tastes of the rustic atmosphere. There was snow, ice, boulders, heather, blueberry bushes (with berries), wind, and sunshine. I have had one of the best re-charge sessions ever, so this will have to be done on a more regular basis. One determining factor for the ability to cancel out the rest of the civilized world was that I was mostly alone....only me and my thoughts, paints, books.  I ate simply, drank only water and tea/coffee, with the occasional splurge with wine, no schedules, no stress.  It was wonderful. I couldn't recommend this stronger to anyone...Peace.
We could all use more of it, and it's relatively free....a long walk, hike, bike ride. Use the body like it was meant to be used and feel your mind calm right down. Nature has some remarkable qualities to heal and restore.  And Inspire. Peace to you all.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Halfway through August Exhibit.....

A good morning from the kitchen table in Sandviken (Bergen......Norway). The view was sooo gray when I woke up, but the fog is slowly lifting, and my spirits with it.  My day is shaping into a repeat of the past 3 days, but that's a good thing.  Not that it's everything, but so far this exhibit, 5 paintings have found new homes, and today I have people coming in with the expressed intention of purchasing.
The fact that people react so positively to my work keeps me plugging away, cause even though I paint for me, the feedback is so positive that I know my work resonates.  Sharing a work is gratifying for both parties. Hoping for more people to take the step.....into an art gallery.....mine, or anyone else's, because if we don't get over our phobia for art, we're locked into taking 'others' word for what is and isn't good work. I get the feeling that the idea of art is so exclusive and out of reach for the majority of people that they just don't dare even step in the door of a gallery. BE BRAVE. GET OVER YOUR INFERIORITY complex and trust your own taste, BUT, in order to determine what it is that you like and don't like, you have to go look at enough art to have an opinion! It's fun, and it can be very moving. It can make you laugh, cry, anger you or give you insight through an image, made by a person who is better at communicating through making images, than through words.
Have a great Sunday!

Monday, July 29, 2013

I can  NOT believe that it's time for my exhibit, and I have been out on our boat for the last 9 days, like....why not just get away from all the planning/rushing around/hardware fixes....etc. Today I picked up my posters, brochures and postcards from the printers, and am very happy with the quality. Nfoto here in Sandviken is the best.
This year the paintings are very much botanical. Some of them are fluidly painted-like writing with a large brush and having the incredible luck of everything falling right into place. Others are nearly striped with color in and around the main focus area, and more fluid in the periphery. I have used equipment other than brushes.....rags, newspaper, paper towels, spray bottles. I have dripped and wiped. Some have come quickly and naturally. Others have been a struggle, but I hope that doesn't show. The goal is to make them look effortless.
Now it's all the business of putting on a good opening weekend, and being on the receiving end of some positive feedback. I will be more regularly in on this blog, and record my feelings about this business of trying to recoup some of the immense expense of putting out 20 paintings a year...and that's a very modest production.  I have several that I won't include in this exhibit, as they are painted in a style and direction that is totally different than the majority, and would throw off the harmony of the "whole".  Hoping for a good visitation and lots of red dots all over the gallery.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Another chance for excellence.....

2013. It seems easier to write than 2012, for some reason. Will the year inspire my brain to churn out light, transparent, floating pieces of fluff, or maybe heavy, cold, dark paintings of fjords and wet weather. I read in the newspaper that Bergen had 297 days with rain last year......not only does it make for a challenging state of mind to create in, I just wanted to get out of town most of the time. Luckily, between the boat, and the house in the mountains, the possibility for actually seeing a sunset and a sun rise were realized. I have some amazing photos with wonderful color combinations, and I will promptly rearrange everything in those photos to suit my intention for the painting. Blue sky.....?????......maybe not. Blue water......definitely not. It's not about copying nature, it's about translating it's impact onto the canvas after it's been through me. Not so sure that I need to have a reference/jumping off point to begin with. The process can start without anything more than a need to splash paint around, but hanging on for the whole ride, which can take months, is necessary. Continuing the ride tomorrow.......C.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Getting back into the studio is proving to be a challenge post-exhibit. I had foot surgery (no big deal) right after the closing day, recovery for about 2 weeks, and am just now feeling that it's time to begin with all of those already-started paintings that I have lost momentum on since August. Although I know where I am intending to go with them, it's all about getting serious and saying NO to the distractions that will always show up and side track you.
The weather here in Norway has taken a turn for the BETTER (not good, just BETTER) in the last week. The sun is now setting at about 19:30 (7 p.m.), which is WAY to early, but the sunsets that we have been able to witness lately are fabulous. We're on our way into the fall/winter darkness, and that definitely takes some psyching up to get through. I have dragged out my light therapy lights, and have already used one of them.  As long as the sun shows itself often, I don't care about the outside temperature. saves me this time of year. When the trees drop their leaves, and the mountains get even more grey, the flowers disappear and the sea fog rolls in, color, from tubes and containers of paint, keeps me enthusiastic about getting up in the morning. I have my direction staked out in paintings already begun.  No more Mrs. YES only to the work.