Saturday, June 27, 2009

Now that summer has finally arrived, there is a real conflict going on about spending time in the studio vs. being outside and getting yourself charged up for the months to come. I guess it has to be a half and half proposition, as one without the other is just boring. It's time to smell the flowers, literally. When my husband comes home from Australia, we'll take a "road trip" with our antique car (mercedes 450 SL, 1976) up the western coast of Norway, then over the mountains, down to the eastern coast and then back to Bergen.  I'm hoping for sun, so we can have the top down (!!) and maybe get some kind of color on my milky white skin. I guess that the rain and lack of sun (most of the time) are good for keeping the wrinkles at bay, but, I know I might just be willing to sacrifice some of those wrinkles for more sun.  I have to supplement in the winter with a light therapy lamp, and a trip to a warm sunny place just before the worst of the darkness sets in.  The goal is to be in Norway in the summer months, and somewhere else in the winter (except, of course, for Christmas, which is really cool here).  Now that the sun is slowly warming up the fjords, our boys have been throwing themselves (literally) off the front balcony, and swimming around the house, making friends and daring the neighbors. It continues to fascinate me how lucky we were to acquire this condo, and I thank the universe every day.  Hope your summer is giving you renewed energy to tackle your challenges.... 

Monday, June 22, 2009

OMG, tomorrow is the summer solstice, people....the longest day of the year and it's all downhill from here.  Sorry for sounding so negative, but you have to realize that the opposite of Midnight Sun  is ...... total darkness in the middle of the winter.  (Norwegians don't have a catchy phrase for that event, cause they would rather forget it, and the tourists don't find it fascinating much). Of course, the thing that is great in the darkness of winter is the Northern Lights, but that is rather illusive down here in the southern part of Norway.  Anyway, tomorrow, we light bonfires all over the countryside, (not that it's dark) drink lots of champagne or whatever, have food, go out in your boat until the morning light, stay up all night, listen to outdoor concerts, and just have it "kult (norwegian for "cool"). It's a celebration of light, and thank God it the weather report is really good.  Have a great time everyone. I long for this to last year long....but like they say, be careful what you wish for!!!! Connie

Saturday, June 13, 2009

I can hardly believe that it has been almost a whole month since I updated. So much has been going on, and I don't even know if I just thought it was important, or if it really was.  Anyway, the exhibit is over and I am now minus 4 paintings...not too bad in economically challenging times. There was alot of time/effort/money put into this exhibit and at least it has been rewarding talking to the many people that ventured in. It is a huge step for some people to come to a gallery...they are so afraid that 1. they might meet a gallery owner bent on selling them something, and 2. they might just have to talk about what they find in there. I always give viewers a WIDE space to just look, so if a conversation starts, it's always them that have initiated it. There have been MANY conversations this month, and I take that as enormously positive. The fact that 2 of my personal favorite paintings were purchased and taken to Italy really inspired me. Also, the painting sold after the exhibit closed confirmed that those postcards I made, that very many people took, were worth their weight in gold. Also, I had lots of time to read, write and think between visits which resulted in some great insights and determination that I have something of value that is being appreciated. After the closing, I have been celebrating birthdays (JP), hosting a company reunion party (Gulf), cooking more than normal since my boys (23 and 26) are home from their hectic snowboarding nomadic lifestyle.  Right now everyone is out traveling, except me.  That leaves me free to "camp out" at the studio for the next 3 weeks, although if the summer weather warms up here in Bergen, I might be tempted to take my sketchbook and drawing utensils outside instead. It's still chilly, but sunny, so I'm hoping for lots of sun and warmth, cause I am tired of freezing in the summer!!  Oh yea, just a little critique of a concert that I went to on Wednesday night in Bergen-if you get the chance, see BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN on his current world tour.  He and the E Street Band were fabulous in Bergen-gave it their all and had a great time doing it. The energy level was off the charts-mutual love.  Keep those good vibes moving around the earth everyone.