Sunday, October 22, 2017

The Fall of Fall......

Considering that it's one week until we turn the clock back and hour, spring and summer came and went without making much of an impression. The wet weather this year has left me kind of in limbo-not really inspired and not really .... anywhere. My exhibit in Grimstad in June was a pleasant exercise, but not much more than that. Soon after installing it, I broke my shoulder, and the next couple of months were spent in a sort of rehab. Luckily, one of my sisters from the US came to Norway in July and lifted my dwindling spirits-even the sun gods showed up for her. A trip to Spain in the end of July & then, France in September saved my artistic endeavors from falling totally off the wagon. Some good work was done in the middle of some of these trips and the current exhibit in Lille Atelier is some of the best work I've shown.  Getting some P.R. for an exhibit in this town is pretty much impossible, as the newspapers no longer find it important to publish a list of galleries and exhibitors. New galleries are popping up all over the city, run by the artists themselves and some traditional format galleries, but don't expect Bergens Tidende or Bergens Avisen to let the public in on who's exhibiting and what type of art they are presenting. More than a few of the people who I had conversations with in my gallery this month have expressed frustration over not knowing where to get info. on this. What is the solution? Why is visual art being ignored in this city? Both the artists and the public deserve better treatment.  Anyway, once again I will share that I am currently exhibiting the following paintings at Lille Atelier, Lille Øvregt. 16, Bergen-just to the right of the Fløybanen, one block over towards Korskirke Allmening, from now until the 29th of October, 2017. This last week I am planning to be there Tuesday-through Friday from 14:00 til 18:00, and Saturday and Sunday from 12:00 til 17:00.

Friday, January 20, 2017


Where the heck did the time disappear to? I can't fantom that January is nearly…February, and I haven't aired a word on this blog since before my last exhibit.  Shame on me. I have updated a little on Facebook, so that was SOMETHING. I guess I had so little to say, what with Christmas, my broken ankle and crutches ruining my painting time.  The ankle got broken on the 18th of December, so Christmas turned out "different". I usually put off taking down the tree and putting away the other decorations, but this last Christmas, I just wanted to forget. The tree was down day after New Years…ditto with anything that looked "Christmasssey" around the house. Felt very good. Now, even after having returned to Bergen, I have only had one day at the studio so far in January. Talk about cabin fever….I took advantage of a relatively not-so-wet day to crutch my way over to the studio, up 5 flights of stairs, and plopped myself down at my desk and it felt sooooo good. The work that I left in December was starring at me from the walls like a puppy dog wanting to go for a walk….???????? I need time to think, and time to write in order to get my head back in this space for creating again. That is sometimes so easy…..Boom…..can immediately see where I went wrong on a painting right away after a little break. This time, I will have to use some time doing preliminary preparations. By the way, a light in the tunnel is one sold painting from the group exhibit now going on in January at our Lille Atelier gallery in Bergen. (!!!!!YES!!!)  Hopefully I'll jump into the ring again here next week and for sure when I get the cast off 6 February, I will be like a wanderer in the desert who has run out of water, but finally found it…….I can not survive without the elixir of life….creativity-in my way.