Monday, July 29, 2013

I can  NOT believe that it's time for my exhibit, and I have been out on our boat for the last 9 days, like....why not just get away from all the planning/rushing around/hardware fixes....etc. Today I picked up my posters, brochures and postcards from the printers, and am very happy with the quality. Nfoto here in Sandviken is the best.
This year the paintings are very much botanical. Some of them are fluidly painted-like writing with a large brush and having the incredible luck of everything falling right into place. Others are nearly striped with color in and around the main focus area, and more fluid in the periphery. I have used equipment other than brushes.....rags, newspaper, paper towels, spray bottles. I have dripped and wiped. Some have come quickly and naturally. Others have been a struggle, but I hope that doesn't show. The goal is to make them look effortless.
Now it's all the business of putting on a good opening weekend, and being on the receiving end of some positive feedback. I will be more regularly in on this blog, and record my feelings about this business of trying to recoup some of the immense expense of putting out 20 paintings a year...and that's a very modest production.  I have several that I won't include in this exhibit, as they are painted in a style and direction that is totally different than the majority, and would throw off the harmony of the "whole".  Hoping for a good visitation and lots of red dots all over the gallery.