Saturday, June 12, 2010


What am I thinking....I realize that having a blog obliges some information from the BLOGGER! My blog has been so neglected, but if you're really wondering what is going on with me, this is a better place to look than FB....that is just the short version of a blog...not even that. It is so superficial that I am beginning to wonder.....I know that it is a great place to connect, but after the connection, isn't it better to have a place that a person can vent/inform/muse in a lengthier way, getting into the real issues that interest us? Like lately, I have been investigating ALOT of web sites concerning health, mainly the fats/cholesterol/carb myths that have lead us down the path to sickness. Now, there are ALOT of environmental issues, gene issues, etc. that come into play when we talk about a healthy body, but I also understand that after decades of the American Medical Association (Heart Association) denouncing natural fats, meat and dairy, it is tough for them to admit that they got it DEAD wrong. Look at our society as a whole. Look at the size of our teenagers and children-not to mention the adults. The fat-free, more carbs pattern of living has given us one of the most unhealthy populations in the world, not to mention one of the sickest industrialized food systems imaginable. After having stumbled onto a good no/low carb website here in Norway, I became intrigued...then obsessed with different countries (Sweden, Australia, Great Britian, Canada, US) research on how to get into the most healthful state possible. I am now 6 kg. (15 lbs.) lighter, haven't suffered hunger one minute, eaten all the things I have been told will kill me for a couple of months now, and scanned the web for everything I can find on why the myth persists that fats make you fat. I can't go into it here, but do the same thing yourself and you will maybe find a way off the hamster wheel of food/medication/guilt/exercise hysteria...
I am painting, in case anyone thinks I couldn't possibly have time to do that while immersing myself into this other area. Been in Aarhus, Denmark to visit Aros, the museum there full of wonderful Danish painters, especially Per Kirkby. My August exhibit will be hard to arrange, cause I have so much to choose from, and so little space to show in...have to look for a larger venue next year (or the remainder of this year). Take care...keep in touch-pray for sun!