Saturday, March 26, 2011

winter is diminishing

OMG, it is almost spring....the snow has disappeared by almost a meter (3 ft.) just since last weekend when we were at Geilo.  We are here again this weekend, and having real good time. Today it has been VERY cold...sat out on the back porch this afternoon, drinking champagne (!!!!) and my fingers were icy cold! The glass of bubbly was cold and clear, but my fingers were cold and stiff!!! The new apartment is nearly ready---taking over next week..believe it or not.  Come for a LONGGGGG weekend!
Needless to say, my painting has come alittle in the shadows, but next week and the week after that, and all the other weeks this year are going to be dedicated to PAINT!!  I will be ready when the exhibit falls onto me like a weight of stones.
Hope all of you are going to have a great weekend. The game is over...Norge/Denmark 1-1....!!!