Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Blogging is great for keeping in touch with a generalized group.  How in the world can I update every one I know except by writing on this and sending it out.  It's amazing, really.  
I have been at the studio for the past 6 months, creating paintings and drawings for the upcoming May exhibit.  Now, I have had the good fortune to be invited to show a group of paintings at Hardanger Fjord Hotel in Oystese (outside of Bergen, Norway) all summer, so that will mean splitting up the paintings I have, and trying to create more than I had planned on.  Challenges like this stimulate me to enter into the creative environment (my studio, combined with nature) and pull up the elements that transfer themselves to the medium I am using.  I have 10 yards of canvas that will soon be stretched, primed and made marks upon.  The fact that I just had my knee operated on (menisk, big deal) just means I have to overcome alittle rehab time and not let it prevent me from climbing the 3 flights of stairs to my studio.  I will post some of the newest creations as they present themselves... 

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