Thursday, July 9, 2009

Beautiful weather in Scandinavia right now.  Alittle rain sometimes, but the temp. is so warm and the showers so short that it is just perfect. I am watching the sun heading towards the horizon, but that is still 1/2 hr. away---the sun sets around 10:30 pm. With the clouds we have had lately, the sunsets are just gorgeous. The sea is calm, kayakers surrounding our home as well as ducks and seagulls. Jan and I just got back from an "after dinner" bike ride into the city. The pleasure boat traffic is huge and the boats/ships are from every part of Europe. Occasionally we see an American sailboat, usually once a summer.  
My (0ur) summer exhibit at the Handangerfjord Hotell in Oeystese, (Norway) is up and running. We installed our work and had a little party on the back lawn, so now we just wait for the sales to start happening. We're 4 artists with different styles and processes, but compatible personalities, so the arrangement went off with smiles all around. The exhibit hangs until the 31st of September. 

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