Friday, September 24, 2010

I have been starting/stopping/starting/stopping for a couple of weeks now in September, and don't actually know why it's so long between days at the studio, but when I first get there, I just don't want to leave. The canvases are being stretched and primed, the first tentative lines and random colors are thrown down, and alot of thinking and journaling have happened, so I am on the right track. I have decided to continue with the series of paintings called "Pintey St.", at least for the next couple of paintings. The response from the exhibit was so positive that I can see where my best and most honest work is communicating with the visitors.
This weekend I have left my sons home in Bergen and driven with a dear friend of mine to her childhood home in Aandalsnes, Norway. The mountains here are enormous and jagged, and already have lots of snow half way down the sides. The temps. are cooler and crisper, and today we have been to a woolen yarn factory, Rauma Fabrikk, outlet store, and been inspired by the local weavers and knitters. Even though I haven't knitted anything in 20 years, I bought new needles and yarn and will start on wonderful little neck warmers for christmas gifts. Maybe even my boys would like those?????? What the women in this little village don't know about weaving, knitting and dressmaking would make the world's shortest book. (maybe one line). Wish me luck with my new projects.

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