Wednesday, February 29, 2012

After having spent the past couple of weeks grounded in Bergen, I have been at the studio regularly, and it's a kick to see what has come about. Seeing my work with different eyes after a break is a valuable thing. Reading lots of inspirational and educational books and re-running some of my art academy videos has encouraged, and challenged me. Color, being the subjective thing that it is, has been in my sights, because I have come to the conclusion that I need clearer colors, but not to the exclusion of beautiful greys. As a matter of fact, without the greys, blacks & browns, real color impact is wasted by a fight with the other colors. It's funny how I learned things decades ago, but info. only sinks in after a long internal fight and much trial and error. I's amazing how information overload when you are young gets filed for later use and only pops up again when you have nearly given up, and re-scanned your inner depths for answers.  Books that I have owned for 10-15 years are just now giving up the info. that I didn't GET when I first read them. Amazing. I'm headed back there for a new round of 'remembering'.  Cheers!

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