Thursday, July 26, 2012

Exhibit, August 2 - 30, 2012 "Unnatural Abstractions...Naturally"

Just around the corner, here sooner than expected, getting loose ends gathered....It's going to be hectic up to the day of the exhibit opening, I can tell. Haven't signed the newest paintings (at least 10), no wire on the backs for hanging, edges around the stretchers needing to be painted a neutral, dark color, etc..... Price lists, brochures, wine, music list. All will get their day in court. The present exhibitor has the keys to the gallery, and I need to get them when she is done shining up the place. So, I guess I am not going to have any thumb twiddling days in the near future. Let's just hope that after the opening, and about in the middle of August, there is a steady stream of curious art lovers dropping by to take a look and either consider buying or spreading the word that this is something their friends should have a look at. I am always glad to see some of the same people pop in that always come. I am, though, ready to up the exposure group to a higher level. Marketing skills....not always a strong point in the life of an artist, but we're getting there. Hope to see you there sometime in August.....

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