Saturday, June 13, 2015

Will Summer Ever Come????

It's now the 13th of June, and I am just wondering…..has summer decided to pass us by? It's been max. 14 degrees C. these past 2 months, and I haven't packed out my summer clothes from storage yet. No sandals, no painted toe nails, just barely a gin & tonic here and there to keep up appearances.  Oh well, it makes for time in the studio without feeling that you have missed some precious sun rays.  The past month has been extremely productive.  Taking a stand about creating a series of work on the photos taken up on the hiking trail behind our home, and other stone fences and mountainous passes on the west coast of Norway, I have found a world of possibilities in those photos. Somehow, I missed the point in what to do with these at the time that I took them.  Yes, they were beautiful and had colors and textures and forms that mesmerized me, but….do I take them for face value, or what?
A series….I thought. First the old (ancient) steps.  The stone formations that crashed down mountainsides and landed just by roads and beaches. Then the mosses that grow on the rocks, where water runs down the mountain side and the sounds and smells of the forest take you away from the city for a little while.  Repetitive forms, rearranged and re-colored to suit my mood.  Suddenly I had a whole new project to work with.  Love it when those brain cells grasp on to something and give me ideas for the next 6 months to work with.  I look forward to seeing the series unfold. Hoping others enjoy it afterwards…...

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