Monday, August 22, 2016

AUGUST…..what happened to summer?!

With the risk of sounding "whiney", I am putting it out there…..this summer has been a disaster.
When, in May and part of June were UNUSUALLY gorgeous, I started to fear that we would have to pay BIG TIME for the weeks on end of sunshine and balmy temperatures. Sorry to say, I was right.
According to the official weather watchers, this is the wettest summer in 90 years, with a couple of days setting new records for amounts of water recorded. Needless to say, it has been grey, grey, grey. I tried to escape up to the mountains, and managed to outrun it for 4 days, but it caught up with me even there.
The rest of the summer has been spent on our boat "Solstar V", around in the fjords (Sogn and Hardanger), with the last two weeks at Bekkjarvik.
We are now back in Bergen and with mountains of dirty clothes and out of our routine; it will take a few days to remember where things are in this kitchen/bathroom/bedroom.
Painting has been nonexistent for months, and I am feeling in a state of limbo. After things are orderly on the home front, I will be headed to the studio-my refuge. Hopefully, I have not forgotten everything about color, form, composition, harmony, creativity, etc.  It may be a slow process, getting back in the saddle, but I will take to it like a duck takes to water. Lots of framing equipment was purchased before I left in June, so that also is a project that I don't know enough about, but am about to find out the finer aspects of it.
I have a trove of good memories and photographs from summer in the fjords, and they will be coming out, slowly over the course of the next months/years, as what goes in must come out, in more areas than just food.

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