Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Flowers inside and out

Well, it's the middle of the month already and I have been busy sitting at the gallery, meeting the visitors and conversing on my work.  The interest is greater this year than previously, and I am enthusiastic.  One sold painting on the first day, and many visitors taking cards and postcards with their fav painting, intending to show it to friends and family. All of it is good P.R.  It was a cold and windy weekend last Sat. and Sunday, so I had to find/buy some firewood, and make a fire in the fireplace.  It is a great little gallery, and with the heat pouring out of the fireplace, it creates a uniquely cosy atmosphere.  
The days are getting so long now.  It is sunset at 10:15, and not really dark by 11:00, so it makes for very long days.  No complaints here, though.  Dark curtains and a sincere tiredness because you've woken up so early and stayed up too late make sleep almost instantaneous when you hit the pillow.  Which is what I have to do right now.  Have a great Wednesday.  

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