Sunday, April 19, 2009

Monday a.m.....should be in bed, but am still going over ""to do's" for the coming day. The arrangements for the exhibit are coming together...and I am feeling calm and excited about the whole project.  The exhibit that is in our little gallery this month (April) is a real masculine exhibit by a very talented and gifted guy.  I wish him many more sold pieces than he already has.  Would like to get a couple pieces of his work for my boys, which I will see about before Christmas rolls around this year. I am going to get together with the 3 other "managers" of our gallery and have a little pep talk about how we should be profiling our image.  We are not your "usual" gallery, in that we are a kind of coop set up.  We 4 have rented the location, and we, in turn, rent out this location to 8 other artists-after deciding ourselves which months we want to have our own exhibits.  We don't promote, hang up/take down, watch the gallery during opening hours, clean out or otherwise restore the premises for the next exhibit the following month. Each of us creates the exhibit that we want-either high profile or discrete. It's what we each make of it.  I feel that the public that generally makes the gallery rounds doesn't know how or why we are different than the other places in town, and I want to remedy this.  I have a plan.  Stay tuned and I'll let you know how it goes in a week or two.   Have a great day.

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