Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hi Everyone (anyone).....it's been a nice 10 days at Geilo.  Snow, sun, cross country skiing, painting, and reading.  Also, too much food, cause that's what happens when your house is full of people and you are the hostess.  We want to impress each other with our culinary abilities, and so we bake, cook and provide snacks and wine for the duration, and it is beginning to show on my waist and hips..... 
Anyway, a funny thing happened on my way to painting another piece for the exhibit.  I came up here with 2 blank canvases and the intention of at least starting on them both, but I tripped over them on my way out of the studio, tearing the edge of one and stepping on the back of it, leaving a big black shoe print.  Well, I thought, I'll have to take it off the stretchers, cut it down, re-stretch it and then I can use it again....but imagine my surprise when one of my guests offered to pay me for it.  The whole group then proceeded to paint a group picture which turned out quite interesting!
We all signed it, and agreed that we will do the same thing every Christmas and Easter. Highly recommended.    Tomorrow it's back to Bergen, and back to the studio.  Bye for now. C.S.

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