Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April 1st!  I get giddy just typing it.  Just one month left to create enough so that I have too much.
It might, then be easier to hang the show when I have more than I can actually fit in......or not.  
Tomorrow I will be heading for the mountains for the Easter break....quite long in Norway.  We are going to our son's home in Geilo for about 2 weeks.  I plan to take 4 - 30 x 40 cm primed small canvases with me, some acrylic paint and brushes, and use a good chunk of time on the sunny side of the house experimenting with techniques.  Can't be skiing every day!!
I hope everyone reading this has a wonderful Easter break, enjoys the holiday in whatever way they choose to celebrate it, and feels refreshed afterward.  I will miss my children (23 and 25 years old, but still my kids), as they will be in the middle of the snowboard season, and they are in Alaska and Canada...not able to come home.  If you're reading this JP and Stian, "God Paaske", and we'll save you some marzipan and an chocolate easter bunny.  Happy Easter!

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