Friday, January 1, 2010

Ahhhhhh, a new year and the freedom to dream big. Christmas is all consuming, and I always wonder where it all went when Jan. 1st rolls around. We have had a quiet Christmas gathering here in the mountains of Norway, at Geilo. The snow is almost 3 ft. deep, it's -15 C outside most days (colder at night), and we have enjoyed this time together. This is one of the few times each year that I get my boys both under one roof for an extended length of time. They enjoy each other's company, and I get to remember what it's like to forget myself and practically run on autopilot to get the Christmas experience to come off somewhat entact. No wonder I haven't even thought much about my studio, and how lonely it must be feeling....abandoned since around the 10th of December! How nice it would be to have a room that I could have some basic equipment in up here and enjoy the process of painting "in my spare time"!! Well, now that the busiest holiday of the year is over, I COULD have the time, if I insist on it...which is really the only way to get it! Here are a few pictures from Christmas 2009, and I wish all of you a very successful and inventive new year, with lots of health and happiness.

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