Monday, July 25, 2011

2 weeks until Exhibit.....

So, now it's been so very long since I last wrote here that I nearly forgot how to log on! The past 6 months have been very hectic, I feel. The home life has been demanding more of my attention...lots of new "toys" for us to furnish and it has taken my focus away from the studio, unfortunately. I can hardly believe that on August 6th, I will be opening an exhibit at Lille Atelier. I have started to prepare the paintings (eye screws and wire, painting around all the sides to clean up the "look", deciding what goes and what doesn't) and design a poster and some postcards, but I still have to pull this together in a convincing way. I'm not nervous, and am actually looking forward to getting my production out into a venue where people can check them out. I've painted a good deal of smaller format pieces for this year's exhibit, and feel that they are representative for the state of mind that has followed me for the past 12 months. All the plants and foliage that I love from my trip to Singapore's botanical gardens have crept in, as well as some personal "downers" that have affected the colors that I have chosen this time around. The fantastic sunsets from my balcony have been few and far between, so I have been inspired to create a few of my own.  Hoping that I will connect with the right people at the right time, in the right place from August 6th until August 31st. Maybe it will be you. Please stop in. It's nice to just be able to show people what I do locked away in 25 square meters of studio space most of the year. I'll write more as I get closer to D-day........ (Lille Atelier, Lille Øvregt. 16, Bergen, Norway)

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