Thursday, August 11, 2011

Exhibit 2011, best yet.....

The paintings are up, the door is open and the first painting has been sold. I feel real good about this year's exhibit. The response from total strangers, friends and family has been so completely positive that I am looking forward to the rest of the month in a big way. I have posted new photos on my FB and will try to put them on here, but am having trouble with the sizing and placement here.

Lille Atelier is just the right size and location and you would think that we would be bombarded with requests from independent artists to rent the space for their own exhibit. I guess that many artists are expecting to get discovered, or waiting until their work is good enough for a shot at a commercial gallery in this city-or another. I say, take your work out yourself and make it happen. Make sure you have quality, and when you do, put it in a fantastic 'wrapper' and expose it. Lille Atelier is that 'wrapper', but there is alot of work involved in putting your own exhibit together, and being the one that meets and talks to the public when they come in. Scarey......yes. Rewarding......yes.  Not for everyone, maybe. I enjoy it, and the feedback is invaluable.  I'll get back to this blog in a day or so....... when I get a break. Thanks for reading and following. Cheers! C.

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P said...

SKOAL!! The gallery looks lovely. Wishing I was there - Good Luck throughout the month. Love, P