Monday, August 29, 2011

It's time for some time off.....

It's Monday, the 30th of August. Today I took down the exhibit and drove it back to the studio. I am trying hard to make sense of the results of this year's exhibit, and I think it boils down to lack of funds. From the response of the visitors I have had, everything could have been sold many times over, so I'm chalking it up to a knot in their cash flow.  People who come in to an art gallery are sometimes other artists, looking to be inspired. I get it, and do it myself. I also need to see what's out there on the market, and in the museums, so that I can gauge my own work's qualities against what is considered the bar of excellence. I have travelled and visited some of the great museums and galleries in the world, so I have a good idea of what quality is. Most of all, I try to follow my own heart and impulses when creating. I don't paint like anyone I've seen before, and sometimes when I paint something, I say to myself 'that doesn't look like anything I've seen before in a book, or art venue elsewhere'. 'Must not be good if I haven't seen it done by someone who is a 'role model' for me. Then I grab myself by the neck and shake well, because that is exactly what makes my work 'me'. I can't paint like someone else, THANK GOD. The work is progressing from year to year. Those who have followed the work for many years now see it very clearly. I am thankful that I have at least one very loyal and lovely sponsor who encourages me to keep up the work and knows that one day, I won't be writing blog articles like this any more!
To all those who have purchased paintings now and in the past (more than I can count) I'm honored. I won't let you down ... future paintings are awaiting me back in the studio, so they can come to life. Time is on my side.

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