Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Showing up for the work....

Except for Monday and Tuesday, I have been at the gallery every day for a minimum of 4 hours.....mostly 5 or 6, cause I like to open as soon as I show up (11:00 or 11:30) and stay when I see that there are still many people out wandering around the street. I have been rewarded by having the most positive feedback yet in terms of visitors loving the palette of colors, the compositions, and nearly every painting has it's scores of fans. Out of 17 paintings, only one has yet to be singled out for praise by at least one person. How amazing.  So, I'm wondering, am I expecting too much when I expect better results than last year's exhibit? Each year's production is different, yet my signature brushwork and color palette are in place, as are the uplifting feelings that I feel reverberate from the canvas. I'm not one to politicize art, or provoke and disturb the viewer. I aim for soothing calmness, or positive energy. A painting, for me, has to give me a lift when I confront it. I WANT to surround myself with the energy or the peacefulness of nature. My interpretation of these states of mind, have found a home on a piece of cloth, much like a author writes, a musician plays and instrument, or an actor uses the stage.  I am at a loss to understand why the step is so large to say 'yes' to surrounding oneself with inspiration, instead of things from IKEA, or other objects that a million other people have. You will probably never regret buying a piece of art, but how much junk do you find at garage sales or 'lope markeds'? Own something that keeps giving back. If you 'connect' with a piece, go for it. I will regret seeing my work disappear, but I can continue to investigate the realm of painting, and who knows where that will take me. I look forward to each new day in the studio. The gift keeps giving.

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