Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Another chance for excellence.....

2013. It seems easier to write than 2012, for some reason. Will the year inspire my brain to churn out light, transparent, floating pieces of fluff, or maybe heavy, cold, dark paintings of fjords and wet weather. I read in the newspaper that Bergen had 297 days with rain last year......not only does it make for a challenging state of mind to create in, I just wanted to get out of town most of the time. Luckily, between the boat, and the house in the mountains, the possibility for actually seeing a sunset and a sun rise were realized. I have some amazing photos with wonderful color combinations, and I will promptly rearrange everything in those photos to suit my intention for the painting. Blue sky.....?????......maybe not. Blue water......definitely not. It's not about copying nature, it's about translating it's impact onto the canvas after it's been through me. Not so sure that I need to have a reference/jumping off point to begin with. The process can start without anything more than a need to splash paint around, but hanging on for the whole ride, which can take months, is necessary. Continuing the ride tomorrow.......C.

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