Sunday, February 23, 2014

LIFE, Painting, patience……
OK, it's been way too long since the last posting, and I don't know if I've been missed, but I have been painting steadily since January. October and Nov. were vacation months….in the US…..a nice long stretch were I got to see friends (in South Carolina), family in Rochester, NY, and just plain vacation (including Thanksgiving!!) in Florida. After that long break, I was ripe for some studio time, but Christmas came and went before I managed to get over there. I don't at all mean to make excuses, so let it be said that while I was waiting to get my hands messy with color, I was planning my next color scheme, thinking about strategies, size of canvases, etc.  You see, even though I'm not actually painting, I AM doing it in my head. And I walk around with a nearly constant bad conscience when I find that I have to use time on other projects/duties/appointments, etc. But when I walk through the door to my studio and smell the smells, see the works on the walls/lying on the floor, or my desk covered with opened books, or my journal-open and ready to be written in, I just feel HOME. Even when the sun is shining outside, and I know I should be out soaking up some vitamin D (this is Norway in the winter, after all!!) I just have to use that extra energy from the sun on creative per suits.
A small side trip to Copenhagen and the Louisiana Museum in Humlebaek were keeping my brain focused on the myriad  of possibilities available to creative types. Jackson Pollack and Asger Joern were exhibited side by side, so as to see the very similar roads traveled by the two, even though they never met, and never saw each other's work. Even though their works sprung from two very different cultures and social engagement, their techniques sometimes looked nearly identical. How fascinating to have this made evident by the excellent curators at the Louisiana……
While in Copenhagen, I also used the opportunity to buy excellent quality paint, which costs quite a lot more in Norway. Also bought clothes and ate excellent (and, at one dinner, not so excellent) food. Copenhagen is a wonderful little/big city, that once you get to know it, you appreciate and take advantage of the BIG TOWN offerings.
Tomorrow it's Monday… day…..back to the studio day…..

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