Friday, March 14, 2014

Just a small note here cause it's late and I've done…not so much today. Funny how lack of energy fuels lack of energy. I woke up today fully expecting to go through the usual motions, and head to the studio. The weather went from bad to worse….rain, wind, grey, dark, gloomy.  Actually, the perfect day to go to the studio and lose yourself in work and forget about the outside world. Well,  I started to re-arrange furniture, look up books and authors in my book case and on the web, shower, wash clothes, make food, read, and before I knew it, I had unwittingly puttered the day away. This is how it can be if I don't make the determined decision to get out of my home and walk the short distance to my studio. It's a slippery slope to start fixing this, and cleaning that, and checking the emails/FB/NYTimes, etc. Time stealers, all of them. It's a devil on my shoulder saying that I deserve a day to relax and catch up on all the loose ends that hang around in my head and irritate me. I will not do this next week, cause I rob myself of days that I have been given to live and create, and to get one step closer to fulfilling the reason I was given the ability and privilege of a studio to carry out this work in. As artists, we have a duty to show up on the job daily, and plug away. My high school teacher would have ruled it unexcused absence……..

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