Monday, August 25, 2014

Today started out wet and rainy…improved slowly, and now the sun is shining through my living room window like it's the most normal thing in the world. Thank you God for the most wonderful summer in Norway EVER. I had the feeling that I was in PA. during a heat wave and now I remember why Fall used to be my most favorite time of the year. I have become scandinavian in tolerance for heat. I actually enjoy being able to put on a sweater and feel a cool breeze. Warm=good, hot=hell.
After having had to cancel our trip to the US this summer because my husband had emergency appendix surgery, I have not have so many hours in the studio to prepare for the exhibit I'm committed to in September. I admit, I do work hard when I am there, and I have about 15 relatively new paintings that are going to be shown, so all in all, if I had managed to put in more studio hours, I would have twice the number. Fortunately, Lille Atelier is just a 2 room gallery, with exactly the amount of wall space to accommodate my production.
I am looking forward to September.  At the same time, I am anxious about what the vibe of these paintings will be like when I hang them up in a controlled, coordinated, confined area. I'm betting that I will feel like putting a bed in the gallery and staying there for the entire month. Hoping that I'll get plenty of visitors/art interested/curious types that come in an just want to STAY. After many positive experiences with exhibits, I expect nothing less than to build on the positive trend from past years. I look forward to seeing new and old friends, family and neighbors and plenty of strangers that will be wowed by what they see. Wish me luck……..

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