Sunday, August 29, 2010

Ahhhhhh, the last day of my exhibit today. I was looking forward to being free from having to sit a minimum of 4 hours nearly every day of the month, except Monday, of course. Well, I will miss all of the positively motivating conversations I have had with the visitors. They were so inspiring as to my frame of mind. We painters are always doubting ourselves-and the only way to know if what we're doing is communicating with others is to lay it all out there and wait for the response. Well, the response this time has encouraged me to paint like mad for the next exhibit-although I don't have anything scheduled yet. (next September??) Although I see which paintings generate the most interest, I still have to explore the other areas and expand my horizons with both techniques and subject matter. Thanks to all those who bought, to those who helped nearly as much by encouraging me with words, and to my husband who helps me in all ways to be able to do this. Love and Peace..Connie

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