Wednesday, August 25, 2010

This is the final spurt...the last few days to present the work that I have worked 15 months on. The response has been good, and I am looking forward to seeing those people who are still sitting on the fence. Trust your gut feeling, and if that says "I would really enjoy seeing this image on a daily basis, it would calm/stimulate/amuse/inspire/cause me to reflect, (well, fill in the blank)....then we can make it possible.
The weather in Bergen today is, how to say this in a positive way....nope......miserable. Raining cats and dogs and the wind will probably blow me 30% off course on my walk to the Gallery today. Better put on the whole nord-easter gear. My children (grown now) used to look like little moon men when they went to the play-park in this kind of weather, and they stayed dry no matter what, so I'll try to remember how I did that. Have a great day everyone.

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