Wednesday, August 4, 2010

August Expectations

Again, I'm surprised that it's only a few days until I present the last year's work to friends, family, and anyone who wanders into my gallery, Lille Atelier, Lille Øvregaten 16, in beautiful Bergen. After 3 great weeks in the U.S., I returned to face squarely the fact that I had tons of work to do before I could present my work in a manner that would make me proud. Invitations to make and deliver, posters, folders, emails, blog update, opening wine to buy and I have decided to make chocolate chip cookies and mini brownies to have with the rosè wine.....the list is still not complete. I have taken a breather day today, but tomorrow it's back to the list,..... check/check/check....I am not exactly nervous, but that will come on Friday nite/Saturday morning. It'a funny, but even though I have done this a dozen times before, I keep surprising myself by the small things that I forget-until the last minute. Last year a tourist to Bergen, by way of a cruise ship, wanted 2 paintings, but needed to have them dismantled, packed and ready to go on an hour's notice. I need to be ready for that again.... I will be ready and it will be fun. If you're in the neighborhood, please drop in!! Wish me luck!

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